Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"


The MOST lifelike gardening game EVER!!! And the boss on level nine! WOW!


Somewhat hard and challenging game but otherwise fun, the idea is really cool


I can't believe all these people do bad reviews. You can hold your mouse to cut, btw... It was an amazing, fun game, I played with my sister. Challenged your memory + auto-retaliation.


I dont get why people are so mad bout this game. Its really not that hard, its challenging and fun, I was gonna give it a 8/10 but then I realized I had to make up for other's ignorance so 10/10

Why so serious?

Stop hating because you can't play !! I mean, I could only finish the sunset area, but there is not too much left to finish ! And besides, who cares I couldn't finish it, I don't find this game to be boring at all, nor will I judge it based on my skills.

PS-the person who said that "people with Mac laptops can't hold the mouse button down as easilly" must have some problem with his Mac cuz I have a Mac laptop and I have no problem :)