Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

its fun but

needs a quick reset button

I like getting 100% evertime and sometimes i make a simple mistake lol, gets annoying having to wait

(a mute button wouldnt be bad either ;p)

Cheers for the game though!


sick beat boxing! next time i cut some hedges i'll have this ill beat on my mind o.o

GG = Good Game

This game is very good and i think you can even train your brain a little on this.
the music is....original :) but i like the whole idea of this game only thing that bugs me a little is that you are cutting in bigger range then i would like to and that there is not so many complicated shapes. If you do a another make cutting rage smaller and a lot more complicated shapes of the tree... and music. :) thanks

shut up chickentoast!

man clearly thought waaaaayyy to hard into this game..... its simplicity at its finest, and i for one appreciate the 10-15 minutes of fun i found in this game... the sound track for it wasn't to shabby either. so i say continue sir! make more like it! 10/10

Creative game

This was a cool game man,i liked the idea of cutting out the bushes to what the instructions say and trying to make it as perfect as possible and getting a percentile score on it whether it's bronze,silver or gold so it had great replay value especially considering it was difficult to both remember the shape and cutting it with a quickness so overall i enjoyed this game of yours. =)