Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

I love the idea of remembering the style of the tree and then having to match the shape. the retro 8 bit style when well with the idea and the music was not annoying like in most of games that are like this

Awesome game would love to see a hair cut game like this ! and tycoonn! tht is my suggestion keep up awesome games

Yeah I'm pretty sure the only way to get all golds on this is to use little tapes or little sticky things put on your monitor and/or use an onion sheet or transparency over your monitor and/or those things you hang up posters with applied to your monitor as a rough guide. Or use a grease pencil and literally draw on your monitor (probably not a good idea unless a CRT monitor)

Onion sheet would be like those semi-transparent sheets you can draw on, or you could use a transparency like are used with projectors in school, and just tape it to your monitor, draw on it, use that as your guide, etc...

For those later levels which are quite painfull to achieve gold...

1- (optional) Switch to onboard graphics (may require a restart...)
2- Open boatloads of tabs with flash applications - could be other games. Go for the heavy hitters.
3- Start the level you need a gold.
4- (optional) printscreen the objective and check it during gameplay.
5- The game will lag hard giving you more time to make 100%. do NOT cut what isn't cut, for obvious reasons.

Even then, you will still need good precision - All this just gives you considerably more time.

(While this may be considered cheating for some people, it is not. Just as using a touchscreen - which makes all levels a breeze - is not. As long as you don't alter anything from the code, it's legit)

got here from a porn game.....JUST SO YOU KNOW