Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

like it <3

I really like this game (cause i like most games concerning nature)
Its the first time i've seen a game where you can cut your trees!

Your idea was really brilliant.
Music ... yeah ... i think that those "ll-beatboxed soundtrack" dont really fit in. Maybe something more natural would be more fitting (like sth. with birds or so)
... as time is an important fact ... maybe the sound should speed up ... but i guess those would get on your nerves, cause all level dont take longer than 15 sec

anyway ... nice idea ... nice old-style graphics ... i like it.


hm this is quite a weird game kinda fun and challenging though


pretty fun game but no fun at all. just addicting, and guess what i like that.

Quirky and a little high strung

Fun game, might make a good port to a phone or handheld w/ touchscreen. Music was sparse and a bit odd which works well with the tempo and object of the game. A great test of visual memory.

Good Game

Finished in 1 hour
to get all medals just take a screenshot. and make it overlap with the tree
For those who wants to know, the 3 Secrets

1- Free style: you can cut freestyle
2- Evil Tree: you have to click on the leafs as they appear (Arcade Style)
3- A Message: is a Note from the author :)

hello, what you achieved sure is impressive.
but really you cheated
or you wasted years
of your life
-X, jw