Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

cool game

i love this game 5/5 10/10

Cool kid game

good for smaller kids


I thought it was both funny and kinda fun in a very different sort of way. It loses my interest quick, in part because I'm on a laptop (mouse speed and accuracy they are not known for) and in part because it just doesn't give you enough time to complete the pictures. Maybe if I weren't using a damn touchpad it wouldn't be as bad. Scratch that - it would. It's just that you have 10 seconds to draw the outline of something you dont really know in the first place. Maybe a little picture in a corner that gives you an idea of what you're trying to shape it as it wouldn't be so bad.

The problem is when you click sometimes it clears a whole lot more than you want to and when you've got the outline but there's a bunch of floating junk all around it, you can't clear it fast enough. It's not that the controls are bad, it's just that the combination of the amount of hedge needing clearing mixed with the time constraints and the memorization of shapes that often have no ryhme or reason make the game damn near impossible (at least with a touchpad).

Overall, I might mention the funny conncept to a friend but wouldn't go out of my way to show them the game. I feel the time constraints are necessary to the 'Extreme' nature of the title, however, the memorization is probably the biggest killer of the enjoyability (if that's even a word) of the game. Simply having a rough, miniature reference could make the game much more enjoyable. Especially since you have to match a hedge at around 90% at times to advance to the next design.

More time!

I liked the concept a lot, but there simply wasn't enough time. Even if you had infinite time it would be extremely hard to get gold on a lot of them, and with the little amount of time i spend most of it clicking as fast as i can around the edges. You should drop the timer completely in my opinion, and make this game more of a memorization/skill game compared to what it is now, which is kind of a luck game mixed with the slightest amoung of skill.

In the end though, I still kinda enjoyed myself, but the timer kept me from finishing the game. Well done though!

It's decent but...

It's an okay game, great concept but the design of the game is very simple, not very eye-catching at all.

It's fun to play and very challenging in parts. The music though was just fucking annoying, it just gave me a headache and just so not right for a game about gardening!