Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"


this is just lame gardening! even righting a 800 word essay about napoleon is better!


If this was extreme, there would be, person fighting evil plants trying to destroy the world, but this did not and it sucks

'twas ok

It was good in the fact that you had to use your memory to do well. sadly, i suck, but that's besides the point. I found it entertaining at first, but i think It got a bit too repetative in there. i like that you have "levels" of sorts. You know, morning, noon and all of that. It made me have a certain sense of accomplishment and made me feel like I was getting somwhere. I like it all in all. Just two things I wasn't particularly fond of.

1: the name of the game. It's very misleading. now you could call it extreme hedgeclipping or something, I was thinking I'd be growing plants, not trimming them.

2:The sound effects. It's cool and all to have something like that, but it's waaay too repetative, and gets into your head. maybe something more musical? I mean, you could at least put in a mute button for us people that don't like to turn our volume down because of a game.

But yeah. Just a few very minor peeves with the game is all. I dare say I may play it again some time.

Pretty good

This music! It's awesome! You simply must give me a link! :D
It woulda been nice if there were a small picture in the corner to guide me along, though. It gets tough to remember what the shape is supposed to be.


Its preety good but can get harded god job Tho!