Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"


This is a bit, well huge amount of hardness. WAY TOO HARD I TELL YOU!!!


An easy way to do it is getting a fine liner or just black texta and drawing the shape on yur screen when the display screen comes up. If you don't have enough time, screen shot it and then trace the screen in place. Go to do the challange and then cut where you traced.

Like other people said -- too hard to win

I suggest addign some small changes or features to make the it more possible to get golds. maybe a grid, which players can see when the demo tree is displayed, as a reference to where the edges of the hedge go; then when they play they have a better idea where to cut to for the right shape, it's just a matter of aiming the cutting accurately enough & fast enough.

Needs improvement.

The premise of the Game is solid, however this Game needs to be tweaked to make it a bit more fair.

It's close to impossible to get Gold Medals on many of the stages due to the short time limits and the fact that things don't always get cut the way you want them too.


it was okay

Controls aren't too bad, but they aren't too good either.
I'd say the game is too difficult, as in to get all golds, any sane person would have to trace the pictures - and even then it's still quite hard.
But the game is a good test of your memory and accuracy skills, and there's really not much wrong with it.