Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

Trail and error do NOT equal fun

No clear way to ensure success, very weak trial and error game. Perhaps even some visual cue of your progress such as a emptying meter or something?

And the music was really really bad.

Nice, but...

Lost major point for the beatboxing music with NO sound button.

Completed it!

A couple of the last levels were SO HARD. Couldn't stop playing though. I didn't have much hate on the music, I kinda zoned out in concentration and didn't pay much attention to it anyway xD It had the ability to make me play for ages, so GOOD ONE.

um? :D?

I dont see the big deal in the music. Its not bad but its not perfect you know. The game on the other hand was okayish i think 10 seconds is a little short for the timing but other then that its alright. Over all i think its worth a bit.


Pffft ignore the haters below. But I had to take points off because of the music. It drilled my brain.