Reviews for "Extreme Gardening"

its cool

its hard 2


This game blows! It's ALMOST impossible and most people don't understand because they see one tree and then they trim the other randomly before they start! That is a problem. I only made it to level 2! Not cool!! >:/

Trim your bush

Fun game, worth killing a few minutes on. Not too hard till the 3rd set, you can use your cursor as a point of reference when it goes from trimmed to cutting time but i can't make it past the second stage on the 3rd set, lame. Make the % just 5% lower on that level and i could pass it cause i didn't score lower than 86% on it but cant make more than 89% on it and I'm doing a damn good job on it. Too bad, I was doing great till then, levels taking no more than 3 tries, if that level didn't suck so much compared to the rest I woulda gave you an 8 or 9.

Very funny!

This game was very funny, but very hard xP


reminds me of cutting my pubes