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Reviews for "nightmare :<>"

Quite unpredictable

Well, I have to admit that that was a pretty underwhelming climax, but I still have to give you points for being original. I had no idea that was going to happen and it was a pretty funny clip to use. What works is that you use the same awesome animation as usual. I noticed that one of the symbols above the screen was a pokeball. There area lot of surreal flashes going around. It was kind of neat to have a surreal flash that did not even seem to be open to surrealness as it ended so abruptly.

I did NOT expect that!

I felt almost certain something in this video would freak me the hell out - the flash DID have potential to do this, the art work, the atmosphere.. everything was perfect, so I'm disappointed you didn't take that into advantage, which explains my 9/10 - saying that, the shock made me laugh!

5/5 man - next time, take advantage of the atmosphere you can obtain - I'll favourite you as an artist to keep up with your flash submissions.



I was just getting ready to shit myself. And now I don't even understand what happened! Totally unexpected! But funny. Nice one.