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Reviews for "nightmare :<>"

freaking retared

im sorry its just too stupid for me.
took to long to load for such a short film.
the 2 is for the art


it was funny so i say the best loved the telivision


Not that music again. That shit is actually a fucking nightmare, lol. Yeah, I wasn't expecting that. I thought something that would actually be somehow scary would pop up. When I read "vai comecar o..." then I thought, nah, it ain't gonna be that. But well, it actually was that.
Good animation style, but it was too short. You could do something more serious next time. Or just keep doing your fucked up comedy flashes, which I find funny.

Esse negocio de rebolation eh realmente um pesadelo. Os gringo nem entendem que coisa que eh essa, voce poderia ate dar uma explicacao.


I can't quite put my word on this, a guy turning on a tv. Hmm.... Not that special or funny at all. Anyway the animation was good.

Didn't Like it

it just felt so..."dead" and not very interesting. making it more fluent would make it better!