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Reviews for "Prototype B"

its ok

you need better controls and the npc can move diagonly and i cant nor can i stop and the fuel is used up when i am not moving so it acts like a timer not fuel so that all thats wrong the rest is good so keep it up you may be on to something just need to iron out the little kinks

*Siiiigh* ...Here We Go YET AGAIN.

I've got to be honest with you man... I'm bored of games like this. Don't take this the wrong way little brother, and I'm sorry if this review offends you, but honesty is the best policy. This is yet another dime a dozen shooter. A bland, generic, cookie cutter game you can find 200 versions of in the portal. This one doesn't even have MUSIC, making it inferior to the 6,528 clones of this game that do have some music in it. I'm sorry man, I know I'm coming off as kind of a prick, but I've got to be real with you. I'm bitching in the review but I will 5 this while under judgement because you DO have talent and you DO have skills, it aint yer fault this game is so friggin REDUNDANT at this point. Man yer a stellar artist, I really wish youd've done what "subtlegenius" did when he made "Tangerius 2"... unique and fun. You oughta play that game and see what Im saying. Good Luck in the future man and I apologize for ripping yer movie.

Pretty cool

Besides what was already mentioned, the only other thing that could use work is the fuel system. It's a cool idea, but since enemies give as much fuel ramming them as shooting them, it's actually in your best interest to just ram the enemies most of the time since you'll immediately collect the fuel when it drops and the amount of fuel gained is about as much as needed for repairs. That leaves you with one less enemy on the screen and just as much fuel as you if it had not been there at all. Maybe make ramming enemies worth less fuel to fix that. Other than that, good game

Erasmuz responds:

Thanks every one for the responses!

I tried around with some music, but could not find something that seemed to fit it. I agree and wish there was something there. I'll make sure future releases at least have some sort of ambiance since all the comments thus far have said it would help.

Sp33dyD3ath: I really like the idea of more fluid controls. I actually toyed with it just a little, but wanted to keep the player moving and wasn't sure if 8 directions would be too much to keep track of or not. I'll toy with it some more with a mixture of only moving a player is pressing a button and see how it is again. Thanks for input!

evilsheepmaster: Great catch! I could never really tell if I was giving too much fuel when there was a collision or not. I tried removing the fuel cells on a collision, but that seemed to impact the player too much. You are right though; the fuel balance still needs some fine tuning. Thanks again!

Thanks again every one for the helpful insight!

Nice but...

may be some music like the guy below me and more fluid controls not just like up down left right but all in all 8/10 Fav'd and 5*/5*

This kicked ass.

I loved the graphics. Simple yet colorful. I wish it had some music though.