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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"


That is seriously all that I am able to say at this point! The graphics used in this game were absolutely flawless, and I loved killing those stupid woodland critters in every way I could imagine! Sure, it was hard to get some of the stars, but it is so unfathomably awesome, the player does not care! This is not just something on the Internet, this is something that I could see becoming a professional game like Wii Sports or something! It is fun to just collect everything and shoot at those stupid trees until they are nothing!

I had been playing this game for over an hour and it was just so addicting, I was unable to stop! The sound is extremely authentic and everything is perfect.


its very very funny :B 5/5 10/10

Very addicting and awesome!!!!

Great game so many achievements to earn so many upgrades to buy this make this game replayable a lot and addicting its just awesome!!!

Beated this 100%

Uff that sure was a lot of work! XD

new animals