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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"

I love it

THis game is pretty damn awesome, i love the 3d animals added in with the other 3d things i can't think of right now. The objectives could use more understanding though, like the 3rd level where you have to open things, it looked more like "don't open them". otherwise all freaking aweome. the music on the upgrade menu i could listen for hours, could you provide an mp3 for us to listen to?


Addictive. I stayed up all night and got 100% of everything in the game. 27/27 achievements, 3 stars on all missions, lvl 40 survival, all that stuff.


i started playing it and i couldn't stop till i got everything! And now i do ^^ I'm really considering doing it all over!

Great game!

But please try to add medals :)

Awesome Game with superb visuals and gameplay!

This game kept me hooked for the past three to four hours! It's highly addictive and the rewards system keeps the gamer going. Can't wait for part 3. Perhaps more items and weapons can be added to the already impressive arsenal.

Also try to have a swap option, like for example, if I already have a gun, I can have the option to swap into my hammer weapon so I can set traps, etc.

There's just one thing that pissed me off, and it wasn't your fault in any way. I reached level 80 in Survival mode, and my right hand was probably suffering from carpal tunnel from continuous clicking, and guess what? I accidentally pressed the DragonFable Online RPG newgrounds link at the bottom of the game screen. FML. :(