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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"


One of the few games i keep coming back to. Keep up the good work, im enjoying this one alot


I got ALL the stars! :D :D :D After 2:30 hours though.. :D

Excellent game overall! :D


"Beautiful" - Stated after playing

The graphics in this game look absolutely beautiful. The animals, guns, traps, bombs, and just about everything are designed in such vivid detail. Its really obvious that the graphics in this game weren't done as fast as possible, but that some work was actually put into them, and that's all that really matters. 10/10

~Story & Controls~
This game doesn't have much of a story but it doesn't need one either. The game is fun, entertaining, and doesn't just randomly jump from one location to the next, and that's all you really need out of a game like this. The controls worked perfectly. I never once had a problem with the controls and they fit the game perfectly. 10/10

The music in this game is fantastic, I never once got annoyed with it. Each time the music seemed to fit its location perfectly and it was overall great. It was also a nice feature to be able to mute the game for those of us that like to play our own music or listen to other things. 10/10

This game is absolutely fantastic. I was actually a little worried about playing this game after playing the first (I don't know why, but it never appealed to me). This game was very fun to play and I will no doubt have fun finishing off my remaining tasks and this even seems like the type of game I would come back to after that. I recommend this game fully to anyone looking for a fun game to play for a few hours. You will no doubt have a great experience with this masterpiece. 10/10

Great job!

It took me about 5 hours to get all the stars and I got to survival mission 127!


really awsome