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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"

Good Game

i spent ages playing on this game, trying to get every acheivment and trying to get 3 stars on every thing. overall good game!

Good Game

The gameplay itself is very nice and addictive. The simple shooting and fighting style is very good for getting you addicted. I have a problem with the trap system, though, as they are comparable to bombs that are very hard to place, particularly if ever you accidentally click on a Bear Trap when bears are already in your mushroom garden. Sad to say, both traps are pretty useless if you can't pause the game and go into "Strategy" mode where you can plan where to put them first. Weapons are pretty difficulty when you can't switch out and have a specific button to press do you can pick them up, too.

Beated this 100%

Uff that sure was a lot of work! XD


Ok uh once you beat a level press tab and get on the continue button and then hold down enter, or rapidly click continue with the mouse

new game

it's very good, but mabey you should ask if were shure before starting a new game. i had halv the stars when i aksedently pressed new game, and then i lost everything. (sorry about the terrible grammar)