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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"

Great game and a good time-waster.

You've basically nailed the "replay value" section here. A multitude of weapons and upgrades, 5 different modes, and awesome gameplay to boot, this game deserves a perfect 10.

Never before have games associated with mushrooms been so great.

Addicting and FUn!

I never want to stop playing this game. Having more than one way to play helps keep it fresh, and keep me playing.

Did i mention that I'm super addicted to this game?

Off to play more!


Well, that's a good game with a lot of goals, I enjoyed it, simple and fun, you'll have my 10.

this game is so good i have max in all

the game is good... but it needs more levels it was too easy.

but i still gave it 10 stars :D

p.s. i owen this game


at first I didnt know what to think ,but by lvl 7 I was hooked