Reviews for "Poniiboi's Theme"

keep calm and

Poniiboi responds:

....make music?

I canott I descrieb. You ass rock hard ass.
-Shhh...It's trying to communicate with us.

I'm liking this tune!

The "I wanna ride the pony daddy!" was weird after a while, but got over it and was impressed by how awesome it is.

There's no lyrics. What the fuck is this shit. Fuck you. Fuck your face.


Poniiboi responds:

Quit fuckin with me, faggit I dun told everybody I was doin dubstep now. Why don't you do some lyrics instead of bein a lazy fuck comin out with one song a year like Dr. Dre?

Really good. Intro scared me because my volume was all the way up :P
Whoops. Great dub song though!