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Reviews for "...But there were Cannons"


i started this game thinking this was just another cliche clone pacman platformer, but alas i was mistaken! i really enjoyed it, it had quite a bit of imagination and fun. keep up the good work!


I liked the rather relaxed feeling of this game what with the calm music and the bland but still funny voice acting. It was a most certainly original innovation. But it reminded me somewhat of pac man. But in this you collected burgers rather than pellets, and ran from cannons rather than ghosts. The animation was really too simple which took away a lot of quality from this. But still, I enjoyed this game's innovation and variety

ah, Ah,NYEEHH!!!

The sounds and voices are great, also good level design. I love the Tuba in the background.


love the voices. sounds like they were done by Robert Benfer. The guy who does know klaymation...


"Oh, I'm dead..."