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Reviews for "NerveJangla"

Brilliant game

its not new but its brilliant. a great game with some very annoying puzzles but its not to hard i love games with lots of mini-games (like warioware) anyway great job you deserve those ten stars

@meats of evil- im using a laptop and have finished the whole thing so it can be done

Impossible for mousepad users?

Your game is very neat and the puzzles are great but level 24 is impossible for me, I play Newgrounds from my laptop and a mousepad just isn't enough for the great reflex and speed needed to pass this level, I wish you would have done something more creative on that one.

Other than that, thank you for making this.

"Entertaining "

It took me just 29 times to get the ninja medal ..but i DID IT !! ...pfewww ..very hard game though..
i should stop eating chocolate now ..my head hurts ..:P

Not bad!

Hahaha Its a game that test your common senses and how fast does ur brain works. Quite Addictive. =D

hi, cool game

It's i cool game, i had to find a guide to get trough some minigames, but overall fun.

how can anyone beat the game in 150 seconds, i did like 1000 seconds on my first run, not going to do a 2nd one for the under 300 sec run