Reviews for "Still"

i got scared

i got scared and had to put this game down i know im a scardie realy i still loved it for what i played


ok im confused...i thought i was the parent in the begining and had to save my child. but then i think i went psycho because i was grieved for the loss of my child and i was falling and seeing things. Then i was back in the begining and thought it was those games that continue endlessly so i moved till i didn't see the blood on the floor and realized that i was shot! so was i the kidnapper? everything was a stick drawing and a major mind fuck in the game T.T i want to understand it and i love your games but this game confused me >.> also when i was shot, there was three people total so was the kid watching or was it someone else?

this was deep

this is just what i needed , rilly fited into how i was feeling thank you

Amazing game

Not fully understanding what this game is or what it means, makes this game so much more memorable. It's a beauty, and a masterpiece.


nice game...no way i was expecting that ending