Reviews for "Still"

Brain hurts

Sometimes you don't need to have the best art or most addictive gameplay, you just need to get the rhythm and setting right, and let the story tell itself.

Really, really hard to 'tell' the meaning/story behind this flash while it is comprehended easily by our minds, subconsciously. I (like to) think that a father and his child were walking in the woods when suddenly the father was killed and the child was abducted (this would explain why he "meets" himself and his child albeit a bit morbid looking/flashing), walked on to afterlife and is now in an eternal cycle, an infinite loop of having to die and witness his own death over and over again. The fact that you invite the player to interpret the given info in this flash freely, is fantastic.

I think this portrays "purgatory" or even "hell" pretty well.

All in all, this is a solid piece of work that needs nothing but the music and an incredible amount of interpretations to function. If you are a fan of deep art, the spiritual, or are just looking to have an AwkwardSilentMoment [;)], check this out.

ow! now I got it!

I think I understood what happened...
the dad and his son/daughter was walking in the forest, then a kidnapper apears and the dad punchs him... after thinking of life (?) he started to walk home (?) and... get killed...

ok... it was almost this but it is STILL interesting...

he who kidnapped your daughter....

was YOU? i got confused wen he fell.....


Sad, and Great.


relaxed me. Made me think about my life so far and it's incompletion.