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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Not bad.

Really nice little puzzle game. But REDBrass has a point about it being a bit repetitive. And the death fireworks seem like a bit... much. Still, 5/5 and 9/10 for humor and effort.

Cool Game

Not a huge fan of puzzle games like this, but it was fun.

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A ton of fun

This game does a great job at establishing a very simple mechanic and piling on more complexity to the level design. This game surely isn't getting the views it deserves, as it's one of the more polished and complete flash games I've played in some time. The only thing I feel it's missing is medals. If medals were added onto this game, I'd make sure I got every one of them. But even as it is now, it's a great little game that has a lot of fun to be had, and deserves a bigger audience.

Fun Game

Fun game. Kept me up while I should have been sleeping. Made a pretty long custom level. Not really much to it but is still fun to watch. Copy the code and paste in load level screen. 0b9f2d31FA7612E5426D0ef01915c34595784 a31eNpljj0KwzAMhfU3FdqhkCFbztKxdO0Nak LANENDr/8qx3Zxkge2pKdPQhd6vpdpieE1PMI 3xBPd5zDc4jyOn46IznSU+ONawCWCqjYzA1Q1 e6Kw4hdGG9pNczmVBkpDdjsFXLJEIoEebd3Ef 7IyYMsHoJpXr3hzI3rO3TyU/n6N+9HN3qPJjf kD2/3ObA==


I liked it actually! fun little puzzle game, not too hard but some made me think more than once hahaha... made a little lvl, not too great but i didn't take more than 5 minutes to make it. Here's the code :
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