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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

love the idea

like the game, but its extraordinarily easy, i beat the whole game pretty quickly, but i like it!

It's great!

Awesome game, a bit challenging but fun anyways. You should be able to save the princess.

Fun and Challenging!

Nice concept, reels you quite fast and makes you wanna get your way though all the missions, my only complain is the lack of a reply feature after finishing a mission, but great game tough.

Nice game!

Really well put together, nice job!

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Very easy level, I was just having fun.

Pretty good but pretty hard.

I got to about level 15, one of them i passed without all of the arrows, but it gets pretty hard.
If you improved the graphics though, this would make a great iTouch/iPhone app (after the SDK comes out, or they release the iPhone flash version).