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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Great game

Excellent progression of difficulty. Made winning worth while and not overly difficult.

what's the goal

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play all 3 each one has a diffent goal


Reached and finished Level 25 without breaking a sweat! Eat spikes, Princess (Do note though, that I in no way advocate violence towards women in any way, shape, form or mean)!

best puzzle game i've played in a long time!

if you care to try out a my take on it, here it is
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Very Nice

a very good game. Nothing in here is impossible, the people playing it just didn't give it enough thought. Maybe a slight bit of explanation is needed for less capable players. like a hints system. I got it just by intuition and by trial and error. very cool. reminds me of an old game called Krusty's Super Funhouse. i think it was for SNES. you had to do similar puzzle type things with fans and such and kill rats that were in the fun house. check it out on an emulator sometime. it was good fun.