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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Strange how people cant understand

That the game's name is (Don't) Save the Princess

Not great.

Your title is misleading, the tutorial doesn't really explain anything, according to the one obvious stipulation, you should win as long as the princess doesn't get saved, but that isn't the case. I appreciate the humor, but it has no bearing on gameplay or story. I appreciate the effort, but it would take quite a bit more for this game to capture someone's attention for more than the first non-tutorial level.


Nice game! also try this level:
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Doesn't makes sense

There's no way the knight can save the prinncess, and that doesn't makes sense(therefore there is no challenge), the only way one can lose is if the knight
is splattered against a wall, so there's is no point in not saving the princess (that should be the only failure condition)
this game should have been named: feed the dragon
use traps.


Too borring.