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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"


not hard at all, but I did fill up every square in the puzzle with something, and even found an interesting bug...

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fun idea

But what's the point of the princess? I mean, the idea is cute, that you're killing the hero instead of helping him save the iconic damsel in distress. But he can't anyways, so there's no unique challenge there.

On that note, it's not the point of the game to keep him from saving the princess, or even killing him. The game is basically "feed the knight to the monster."

It's fun, but you took an idea and made a different game out of it.

okay game

but evel 8 was a bit hard

be nice if there was a grid

this is very addictive know it? i give it a three thumbs up

o hai heres my level "freebird"
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Great game!

It took me a second to understand what I was supposed to be doing, but once I did this was a lot of fun!

Great and challenging!