Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Fun and Challenging!

Nice concept, reels you quite fast and makes you wanna get your way though all the missions, my only complain is the lack of a reply feature after finishing a mission, but great game tough.


it's fun at first but gets boring fast. Nice idea though.

qwite goood

eye thinck this is a goood game, howevver, it lackks somee thingss that wouldd makee it easierr to playy: movving blocks aroundd and stuff like that withh the mouse, insteadd of havving to clickk on the neww blockk all the timee.

Bacon out of 10

PrinnyBacon agrees with the Kevin Bacon.

I'm outraged...

...that such a challengingly fun game only got 3.86. What in the hell is the world coming to? Are we at the point where challenging yet stimulating gameplay IS NOT revered? Where puzzles are "boring?" And people can't appreciate good all around material? That just so happens to be original too? I'm sorry, but I see all that in this game, yet I DO appreciate it. Very much so. My only nitpick is an unsatisfying ending. There should have been a bit more. But then, the game's good enough as is, challenging as is and a great experience as is. If these sort of things are what the majority see as boring, useless or pointless, then you can just call me a rebel because I'll have none of that. This game rocks and I hope you notice that someone thinks so.

Thank you kindly, I enjoyed the game thoroughly. I hope more good stuff comes soon!