Reviews for "A blobs tale 2"


It feels has if I'm eating KFC and can't stop.

4/5 9/10

i loved it! it was so good. the only reason i didnt put he las point wa scuz of 2 things. 1 was that is impossible to get the i dont need lives medal. 2 is that that reflection level is super hard! it was reall good!


I enjoyed playing this game, although it was short. I re-played the game again to get the "Can't Get Enough" medal and I didn't receive it for some reason, so oh well, but overall, it's a fun short game. Nice concept and the graphics and interesting. Also, nice storyline but the final boss seems a bit too easy. 7/10 Stars.


Seemingly boring, but I got addicted in the short time that I played it, had a nice little attraction that just made me want to play after I started, that, combined with the medals, just works for me. There IS one problem I spotted. When I was at the break away platforming part, I would jump, and it would display that I made it, but i would fall through the edge, made it impossible to get the "No Need for Lifes" medal. Oh well. Nice idea, and fun little edge to the puzzles, not the most original idea, but well performed. Fun fun :). Until next time! 4/5. 8/10.


Greay game! has a nice story and apparently the guy below me didnt discover the chandelier hanging on top of the boss