Reviews for "A blobs tale 2"

i like it alot

especially for sucha short flash
nice short story, like your art style
and the controls arent every single last key on the keyboard
you should mke a part 3 somehow, and make it loonger
also, the replaying medal isnt working for me either

Way too easy.

Very nicely done though.

Good game

this is a very nice game got all the first try without deaths and second with 1 death
for the 5 points :P


The game needs more content and the medal you get for replaying doesn't work for me, all the others did except for that one.

Simply fun

I really liked the animation and the adorable main character. But like mentioned earlier, it needs more puzzles and levels. Love how the puzzles aren't TOO complicated, but I wouldn't mind one ONCE in a WHILE =P Awesome game ^_^