Reviews for "A blobs tale 2"

remember me to ghibli ;) a bit surreal +cute ,) talking stones a really ghibli like ^^
controls are smooth ,sound is ok ;)....the gameplay is short but many featuress to handel this lil one ,difficult was easy-normal ,anyway 100%fair ,) puzzle 1 is a bit to easy and puzzle 2 takes me a bit longer ;) ...design is absolut ok ....4/5 (-0,5 for the buggy replay medal :) this needs to be fixed )


i replayed the game 2 times but no medal? can anyone help?

Best Puzzle Game

problems with mirror

Smooth game

An amusing game, kinda ran "SLOW" as in the story was slow, but i did enjoy in, i like the "SOFT" graphics which was pretty neat, and made it for a fun and amusing game, ill have to checkout the other first one wich i probably should have, as for "IMPROVMENTS" its a pretty smooth game as is, but i would "SUGGEST" more interactive stuff to click on more creatures to battle and so on, these are just a few small ideas that could make the game much better and more enjoyble for others at the sametime you can allow more medals aswell, anyways nice job i like.

so as mentioned above, more medals, more story and faster paced action, aswell as most important more interaction going on.

a fun slow game but still entertaining


Great game

I had some problems with the star mirror but I did =)