Reviews for "A blobs tale 2"

It's a nice little game.

The graphics are fine and the puzzles were hard enough to give a little challenge and easy enough to not be frustrating. The game lagged a lot, though.

Also, I replayed the game, but I didn't get the medal for it.

Good, but short.

Good game, but way too short.
A few things:
It seems like the "Can't get enough" medal is glitched. I can't get it!
BTW, I found a funny glitch on the dark lord boss that makes him much easier to take; message me for more info.

A nice game that could have been better

Just a couple of things could have made this a good game. It's a bit too tame to call it a great game, mind.

A bit more definition between backgrounds and platforms. My first death was a cheap one.
Feedback from the last attack on the boss. I thought I wasn't doing anything!
A small gripe - skip the elevator bit or make it faster.


It was nice, but a bit short :S


There's a bug. When he is trying to use te shield in the second light puzzle, he keeps turning to the wrong direction!