Reviews for "A blobs tale 2"

I played the game 4 times and got no replay medals, please fix this.

GazSmithGames responds:

The replay medal is quitting the game and coming back, not completing it more than once.

wow, great job =D
really nice
art could be improvement, not soo much, that simple art really fix with the game
really like the game, simple and fun, good job

I COMPLETED THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played through the game twice thinking that would get me the 'Can't get enough' medal... and found it just as fun as the first time. I guess this is one of those games you could play over and over and still get something out of. The graphics are chunky and smooth, the sceneries adventurous, only the caves are a bit dull, but what else can caves be anyway? The stones speaking to you, their eyes following you, explaining controls and puzzles and things with 'Apparently you can..' makes the game live up a lot. Fighting death at the end (is it?) is an entertaining finale.

It reminds a bit of Knytt, not just the theme but also the music is very similar, though the graphics are completely different. The blob is an amiamble protagonist too, looking forward to the third part! Keep it up!


Nice game, but too easy and short. Y'know, it's not BAD, but... the first one was much better :/