Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 14"

PITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! jajajajaja muy bueno


it was ok nothing rly too funny though


How this gets such a high score is beyond me.

What's original here? What's funny anyway? I replayed it only to try and get what's so funny about this , but I couldnt.

Then I tried reading the reviews for clues, but they are all in the wonderful language I don't have a clue about!!!



roberto, estas perdiendo la escencia, vete a la versh ya no es para nada lo que solia ser... tienes un fan menos, hermano -___-

Darkar responds:


Hoy 1 fan menos...

Hoy 550 suscriptores más...

No generalices chavo, que no te guste a ti no quiere decir que no le guste a todos los demás.