Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 14"

Ha, very good!

Squeezed a few laughs out of this.

The two guys are like reflections of each other, though, except for the skin color.

(And species?)

Different Yet The Same

This was a little different for me. But I really liked it! Seemed to have that same usual Newgrounds humor for the most part. But it was really fun to watch still. =3

Cmon man! step it up already!

Darkar, your flashes always coast on the humorous side, it's easy to see that. I've even gotten a few laughs out of them, but your artwork could be ALOT better. character drawings werent very good and the animation was subpar.
You can do better than this If you really tried, never settle with just your usual standards, try to exceed them. It's more work but you'll gain an even greater satisfaction out of it.
I hope to see something truely great from you in the future, not just for the laughs, but for the animation aswell.

"haha both lost..you suck"


aunque admito que estuvo bastante chistosa, hay partes que se pasaron...y las voces son....algo...insolentes XDD

bueno, estuvo la verdad, gracioso asi que le doy un 8/10


The only other work of yours I've seen until now was "Zelda - Target", and I was expecting this to be disappointing, but it was pretty funny and well made with good style.