Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 14"

Y si no te gusta la "Nimadre"...

Jugá con la "Soba Genetalis" que tiene el juego de "Sobic" el perro con pinches, osea al pinche perro.
Muy bueno. segui con tus parodias de videojugos que la rompen mal.

I liked it

i dont know what those other english speaking fellows mean. i liked it and dont mind reading subtitles... but maybe that is because i read a lot of books


wait, my names not...WHAT THE HELL?I love this, and the jokes are funny. I dont know what they are saying without subtitles, but their voices are funny :D


If i heard this in english i would just be like "eh kinda funny" but just listening to the fast talking mexicans makes me crack up so much! XD

I wish you could give half points 9.5

Good work man, I really liked it but I gotta say a lot of these jokes have been reused over and over. It was a good job putting it into an animated form, but a voice acting over in English would have been good, although for some reason listening to it in spanish made me laugh more.