Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 14"


"And for you, a rat with a battery on its back." Nice.

Just Great

The subs weren't too fast, they were just fine. And, the fact that it was in Spanish, made the clip even cooler!!!

If only Pokemon was as funny as this..^^

Nice again!

It is great to see the great animation and character styles, especially in this "Pokemon" parody. The funniest part was probably about Pitochu biting his owner in the testicles or the rival being named "Vagina". I think this is the longest entry in this series. It really knows how to place emphasis in the voices, especially the mother's. I swear the day will come when I know not to try to press "Start" when the screen tells you to. You are breaking new ground in your series with more of a story.


I liked it!

Muy bieen

Te felicito esta muy bien, sigues asi!