Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 14"


jajaja, el juego está bien chingón, eso me hizo reir casi tanto como lo del zumbido y el chino muerto, va bien, sigue asi


wait, my names not...WHAT THE HELL?I love this, and the jokes are funny. I dont know what they are saying without subtitles, but their voices are funny :D

Genial xP

Es de tus mejores trabajos amigo, solo que .... no se te ocurrio algo mas imaginativo que decirle a la viejita? callara asi nomas ya no pasa -.- fue lo unico aburrido y como de primaria... de hay en fuera todo fue glorioso un 9


If i heard this in english i would just be like "eh kinda funny" but just listening to the fast talking mexicans makes me crack up so much! XD

I wish you could give half points 9.5

Good work man, I really liked it but I gotta say a lot of these jokes have been reused over and over. It was a good job putting it into an animated form, but a voice acting over in English would have been good, although for some reason listening to it in spanish made me laugh more.