Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"

Penguins were amusing

It was funny for the first 30 seconds but it got stale after awhile.

Repetition makes good jokes

Especially when you rip your own animations !

I thought the ''You lie !'' joke fitted better the circumstances surrounding the character, but reusing your older animation is obviously part of the joke.

Made me smile, good work.


i love the dancing penguins...

Like the style but the rest lame

So So .... Like the animation style .... missing dialog ..... and whats the point .

Well i got a question for u if u like dead baby joke's XD

Whats worst then a dead baby in a shovel ?

1 dead baby in 2 shovel !



heheh, what's whit this guy? is he a psucho or what?
it was funny lol. i kinda liked it