Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"

not even trying...

you only get 5 because of the penguin scene, if you TRIED, people would like it.


While the penguins at the end were very adorable, I think this could have been executed a written a lot better. If this were done by another user, I wouldn't be as harsh about it. In comparison to the other work you've done, this is lacking.

Levels of improvement could have been taken in the scripting of it, mostly, by this I mean more substance and having an actual Neugebauer dialogue, which could have been done very well (i.e. a parody of one of his commercials). I just expected a lot more.

Your not even trying anymore.

The other one actually made sense.


way to random.
No effort put into this.

Politcal hack much?javascript:submission_controlle

I love how never attack Al Sharpton or Charlie Rangel's stupid comments or make of fun of ACORN. (you could have had a field day with Harry Reid's "Negro" comments)