Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"


Dude. How was that meant to be funny?


The first one was funny. But they're no new ideas here you just copied. A person would only find this funny if they didn't see the first

Yeah, no.

This wasn't funny. I honestly laughed more when someone mentioned this offhand in a conversation I wasn't paying attention to.

Seriously. This wasn't funny. Don't quit your day job.

So close......

It began as a funny moment, a single Babykiller. Then, it continued to build up. I was prepared to laugh like mad at the end. Then the hospital, jumping onto the plane. I near giggle at that one moment, to let the torrent of laughter out. I still held it in. Then, throwing the pilot out. I still held it in, wanting to release all that laughter right at the end. Then, the penguin scene.

The penguins where not at all funny.

My darling laughter died.

This is not at all anymore about babykillers...... The ending is all about laugh killers......


it was funny

your animation could use a tune up over all and more effort into making it funnyer but i actually had a decent laugh, i don't know why kieroneus is flipping out but oh well some cant handle sugar in large quantities i guess. keep it up, hopefully we can see more of your work.