Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"


It's the same animation as "You lie!" but with the heads switched and the audio replace with "Baby killer!" but it fits and is just as funny

It has a good message!

And I believe that message is:

Sometimes people just want to be told that they're correct, and then they are satisfied. Those people, usually, are really shallow and stupid, however. I think you make a good point in your flash to show this philosophy in a comical way.

All through his life, Randy is told that he is wrong. Finally, the penguins give him some credit, and he is happy!

Good movie

It was funny, the character designs looked good, and Mr.Neugebauer's saying never got old , although the baby was very stiff, I suggest converting the body parts into symbols if you don't already know this, it's really helpful for the cut-out animating style that you are using.


So funny! XDDDDD.
You should have had the penguins turn around and pull out Ak-47's and shoot the baby. Then the blood splats all over Randy, and he's still dancing. ;D


XD suffny, I like it a lot. 5 5 10 10