Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"

i saw this somewhere else befoer

i liked it and yeah i saw this vid somewhere before i just cant put my finger on it

it was ok

it was cool, and yea I don't like neugebaur any more than you do, but the joke kinda got old after the first few seconds. the animation was cool though


haven't i seen something similar? i mean like, a guy constantly accusing people for the same? well, something like this anyway! fucking funny flash man! keep up the good shit!

Hum... ok.. i don't...

... hum... i really don't freakin understand... It's not really funny... he always says the same thing... its not original or anythin... sorry dude but... really... it's not all that funny... Maybe i don't knwo something about this dude and it makes this less funny... but if so you should've inserted the information as to why the heck he keeps saying baby killer...

If it's nothing of the sort than this is just bullexcrements... sorry...


got old after 3 seconds. 4 stars for effort