Reviews for "Randy Neugebauers Day Out"

crazy shit

Baby killer!
didn't kill me, but nice work.
go on and some day - maybe - you will find the answer...

freakin retarded.

it wasnt even funny at all.

Baby killer!

Pretty random but funny

Has strengths and weaknesses

It was alright, the animating was fluid and decent in this submission, and the audio was fair but fluctuated louder and quieter at certain points.

The humor was a little strained though. You should have considered some additional material to aid in this aspect of the animation. And I didn't understand why it had to be "baby killer," which I think detracts from the humorous aspect as well.
I thought the way he said it while hanging onto the plane was good though, I wasn't expecting him to sound so maniacal, hehe.

It's a smooth animation, but I think it relies too much on a confusing ploy of humor.

Its a follow up joke,

If you guys look at his other flash he has the person who shouted you lie, this one is exactly the same except he says baby killer.