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Reviews for "Whispers of Tranquility"

Aaah boo bo, le petitm por favor me gusta. MMmm dreamy <3

Neon-Bard responds:

I'm not entirely sure what you're saying, but I know it is positive hahaha! :D

Thanks for taking the time to listen and leave a comment, I appreciate it.

I love the concept of it, and I certainly can imagine a quaint little town (one in the highlands is more or less the image I'm getting) with the vision of some mountainous backdrop. The "feeling" of a highland village is more or less present through the airy strings and flutes, which create a sort of floating feeling that gives the impression of a calm breeze. The melody is quite subtle in this one, but when you do hear it, it's very refreshing. There's a nice variety of sweet and rich instrumentation that gives it a charming progression throughout, as well.

As for suggestions, I have a number of opinions on this. When you first bring in the flute at 00:37, I think you should scale back on the choir (possibly the strings, too) levels, just to begin the descent into "tranquil" village a bit earlier. When the song starts, the music gives a sense of "above the peaceful town", and your instruments then begin to descend to the calm streets. This is another one of the instances I get the "highlands" feeling from your tune, as the instruments go from being cool and light to a bit warmer and quieter. To emphasize this, I would suggest bringing out the flute just a tiny bit more and having the choir start to descend earlier. I'd also like to hear a bit of the lower notes on the guitar during that part. Once the song has gotten to a softer volume, I actually believe it would benefit from the presence of a double bass (string). It's almost like the song's missing a "rich warmth" in the presence of the lower notes. It's just my opinion, but I think that would be nice accompaniment to the present instruments. Aside from that, I think the instruments could have even MORE dynamic motion. Even in calming music, there's much reward to be had from taking your instrument's dynamic range into consideration. :P

Nice work Neon! Still enjoying your stuff! :D

Neon-Bard responds:

Wow...I think this is perhaps the best review I've ever received! Thank you very much DMO! It seems I chose all the right instruments for this piece, and was able to achieve my goal of creating a peaceful village setting. In the end, that's all that really matters to me.

I really like the suggestions you've given here, especially about the dynamic portion. This is something that many others have mentioned before. I suppose it's time for me to realize that I have to listen to this specific piece of advice and run with it. Also, thanks for bringing up the notion of those lower notes, or rather the lack thereof in this song. I can see how the song needs that 'warmth' to it.

Many thanks for listening and taking the time to write such a detailed review. It helps a lot! :)

Fantastic! Totally fits to a friendly calm village hidden somewhere between mountains maybe, who knows! Everyones got their own imagination which is why I like this kind of music! Well done!

Neon-Bard responds:

It seems I met my goal then! I wasn't thinking of any particular setting, but the song does seem to have that airy mountain-like sound to it. Thanks for listening! :)

Really like the ambiance in the song it got soul and it's versatile......
Overall is very clean and it's soothing......
Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.

Neon-Bard responds:

Many thanks DevionDark! :)

It's great to know that everything came across as being 'clean' and 'soothing' as you put it. I think I managed to achieve my goal! Thanks for listening. :)

There's nothing bad to hear. You me from the piano intro.

Neon-Bard responds:

That's great to hear! Thanks! :)