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Reviews for "4chan fight game"

cool but why cant you play as pedobear??


/b/tards unite!

Maybe i was misunderstood... but... well

yeah again me... only i was here to say that what i was to meant in my previus review if, try first something easy... at least im don't programm in flash but placing an engine for exaple "the gravity" isn't so hard...also for returning to the base animation, so i wanted to sound less "shitty" this time... howrever... im still thing that needs loads of improvements so... keep working in that

Its ok

I think if you put more work in the characters I'd play it.
I like the music you chose I couldn't help but make the skeleton thing and the pedo bear dance. ( I felt gay for a second )

a good start

i can see this as a good game, it just needs allot of improvement