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Reviews for "Everything Changes"

loved it! Definately worth a listen, the effort poured into this piece just speaks for itself. Hope you keep making great pieces like this one.

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks for listening

Wow... :O It's... So beautiful!!! I love it! The harmonies are great, the instruments fit perfectly the atmosphere :D
As I said before... I... Really loved it!
Congrats!! :D
(And.. If you have nothing to do, could you check my audio..? I need some advices, I think :3)
Byebye! ^^

MarkySpark responds:

I always have something to do but I will have a look at your works :-)

REMINDS ME OF RUNESCAPE MUSIC LOL. Also you need to work on your mastering, your instruments all sound faded out, or maybe you wanted it to sound like that, like time is passing by or is fading. Anyways I like the melodies, especially the piano but would definitely sound better with some EQ as well.

MarkySpark responds:

Sorry about quality as I can only upload mp3. Happy you like the melodies.

Aww Marky you've been around for awhile and I know how it feels...I still remember the days of 2000, heh but no matter. You've been doing what you love right? And well honestly im in awe of you you've given Newgrounds an entire legacy to listen to and take in. I mean seriously if you feel like that it usually means it would be a good time to look up and around at what you have actually created, see where you came from, now is a time for reflecting on old memories and seeing that getting old isnt a curse but a blessing to see where you have gone and where you have been. I'm sorry if my comment is sorta repeating itself but its all true you're a legend now and Newgrounds isnt even close to being tired of you yet! Heh love your work and I hope to hear more of your work soon (Of course you dont have to rush it or anything all your music is just so....smooth and so well created haha I can't get enough of it myself) Happy Creating and Thanks for all the great works you've made :)

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks for listening.

very nice intro. Love it

MarkySpark responds: