Reviews for "Not another stick movie 1"


couldn't keep me interested after the first 45 seconds.

Know the truth about stick drawing!

most of the things that are said that the animators is lazyand can't draw and prefer to do a stick animation that and that is true.... at least someone had now mentioned that! good job and well done!

censored !!!

The thing that makes me laugh is like he says F**** but its comes a very funny sound.....and the part where they are talkin bout the picture ..... that was ust LMFAO
Please i beg you to continue on the second part if not it'll be a failure like a lot others !!!!

It's funny

I can't even draw a decent stick fight.

Well, not bad

A good concept. However, I don't see what is allegedly so wrong with stickmen. It is yet another genre. The only problem with them usually is that people create some of the same setups as everyone else.

Ironically, I animated something very similar to this, addressing the cliches of stick animation. Clichetivity.

Anyway, overall not bad.