Reviews for "Not another stick movie 1"

Unforgotten Realms

This may be a coincidence, but did anyone else catch the Unforgotten Realms references? Such as "On a scale from one to ten, how dire are we talking about?", "About a 7.5", "Damn, that's pretty dire". Which was pretty similar to Unforgotten Realms's "On a scale from one to dangerous... how much danger are we really looking at?", "about a 6", "Damn, that's dangerous".

And of course, the classic "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait" was also used in Unforgotten Realms.

Of course, this could easily be a coincidence. If not, being a big fan of UR, I found the jokes to be awesome. The video its self was pretty good, the voice acting could have been better, but other then that, it was solid.

Khris responds:

i was unconciously inspired by unforgotten realms believe it or not, was halfway through this when i decided to re-watch the series, and then i heard the line and thought to myself "ooooooooooooooh shit"...the rest they say is history

Reeeeeeeally bad

That was soooo boring. Maybe if i was 9 years old it would be funny...

What the hell....

Get rid of the 10 year old humor, and mabye this will have a chance....



velly nice

i like the animator cracks haha original me likey