Reviews for "Toy Tank Arena"

Beat insane mode

It was good. Final score: 10279.

Problem: I couldn't submit scores.

Problem: on Firefox, if I shot a few bullets at a time, my tank would freeze up and not respond to wasd until I shot another bullet. I had to switch to Opera.

Educkface responds:

nice score!

I will definitely look into those problems and try to fix them, thanks for the heads up!

Carbon copy of the WIIPLAY game

Not really original, since its the same game with minor differences.
Hit detection is wrong; our hitbox (or the bullet's) is bigger than it appears.

Fun and interesting!

Idea: Tank Customization!
Fun addicting and original, well done!


i cant play normal becuase my laptop has a problem...

great game

Reminds me of...

...the tank game in Wii Play. Good game!